Modern Worlds

Banking system

Bank and goid


Gold is the second resource in Modern World game. Gold will be used in the game market which will be added in the next updates. The player can get gold from the bank or buy buying it on the secondary market.
Gold is not a token. Gold can be deposited/withdrawn from the game as NFT
Gold usage will be introduced in the upcoming updates.


Gold is only issued in the game bank and has a determinate issuing rate. The player's gold mint rate is calculated by the bank points variable. The player received bank points for the staking MWM on the bank. The player can also choose a locking period for the money to get an additional multiplier for the bank points. The gold issuing rate is distributed proportionally along all the players that staked money in the bank. Gold in the bank must be claimed periodically by the player. After the claim or depositing, the next claim can be operated no earlier than 24 hours after the last operation.

Locked periods and multipliers.

Locked for
0 days
7 days
15 days
30 days
60 days
90 days
180 days
Money can be withdrawn in the "Transfers" tab.
Money (MWM) that was deposited can be withdrawn only after the locked period is over. There is a fee for withdrawing money from the bank. The fee is 6%.

Gold issuing rate.

Gold issuing rate in the bank: 300 gold per day.
Until the usage of the gold is not added the issuing rate of the gold will be set at 600 Gold per day.