Modern Worlds

Dynamic shop

Shop with a dynamic prices and buildings.
The dynamic shop works similarly to the dynamic upgrade. We recommend you get acknowledged with that section first. Buildings Upgrade​
Modern World introduces a dynamically updated game. You can see the second place with the dynamic mechanics in the game shop.
The dynamic shop presents not only the dynamic price but also the dynamic slots with buildings. The price of the pack formula is calculated similarly to the updated price, but with including pack odds and pack content.
When the game starts, the first pack will contain:
  • Slot 1: Building (1 Rank)
  • Slot 2: Building (4 Rank)
  • Slot 3: Building (7 Rank)
Since the pack has a dynamic price that lowers with time, the pack content will be changed when the pack price lowers below the set prices. When that happens every building ranks in the pack will be increased by 1 and the price will be recalculated again.

Game shop menu

Pack odds.

The pack opening happens in the game right after the purchase.
Tokens used in shop are burned.